AMAG classic car exhibition hall

The AMAG classic car collection is now also open to the public. Discover our large collection of vintage and classic cars from the Schinznach car assembly period (1949 - 1972).

Oldtimer mieten

Open Days Exhibition hall Schinznach-Bad

We have defined three Saturdays on which we will open the Exhibition hall to the public - if there are enough registrations.  

These are the following dates:  

  • 25.05.2024
  • 15.06.2024
  • 28.09.2024  

Opening hours from 09:00 - 15:00 by appointment 


Bitte trage etwas in dieses Feld ein.
Bitte trage etwas in dieses Feld ein.
Bitte trage etwas in dieses Feld ein.
Bitte trage etwas in dieses Feld ein.
Approximate time

With over 110 vehicles, AMAG owns a large collection of vintage and modern classic cars that have accumulated over the many years of AMAG's history. Some examples have also been actively sought out and added to the collection. The vehicles are primarily vintage and classic cars from the Volkswagen Group and American brands that were assembled in Schinznach-Bad between 1949 and 1972. The vintage and classic cars in the collection are primarily used for exhibition purposes and for events organised by AMAG and its partners. In the past, the vehicles were therefore only occasionally visible to the public.

With the AMAG Oldtimer Schaulager, part of the collection is now open to the public as part of registered group visits. The AMAG Schaulager is located a few hundred metres from AMAG Schinznach-Bad. This showroom houses a rotating selection of AMAG classic and modern classics, which can be viewed as part of a pre-booked guided tour.


AMAG Oldtimer Schaulager


The AMAG exhibition hall is now part of the “Swiss Industrial Heritage” leisure and educational offerings on the history of technology and industrial culture in Switzerland.


Opening hours & registration

AMAG Schaulager is only open by appointment for individual guided tours on weekdays from Monday to Friday. As we only open Schaulager by appointment, the visiting time will be agreed with you when you register.

Contact for registration & open questions

AMAG classic car exhibition hall

Registration / Information

Price per group: CHF 190 incl. VAT.
Group size: min. 10 to max. 30 people

The service will be invoiced to the client by AMAG Schinznach-Bad.


Coffee, drinks and catering

There is a small coffee corner with various drinks available in the AMAG classic car showroom. If you need something more, we can also offer you an aperitif with various snacks. We will be happy to advise you.


Guided tour programme

1. parking   
As there are no available parking spaces in front of the AMAG Oldtimer Schaulager, we will reserve sufficient parking spaces for your group on the AMAG Schinznach-Bad site (Aarauerstrasse 22). We will of course send you a map of where the car parks are located in advance.

2.  meeting point (approx. 20 minutes)
Your "guide" will meet you in the AMAG Schinznach-Bad car park., within easy walking distance. Your guide will accompany you throughout the tour and entertain you with stories and information about AMAG and its classic cars.

3. walk to the AMAG classic car showroom (approx. 10 minutes)
After a short introduction, you will take a 10-minute walk to the AMAG classic car showroom.

4. guided tour (approx. 1 hour)
On arrival at the AMAG Oldtimer Schaulager, the journey through time begins with a look back at the former Schinznach car assembly plant and the stories surrounding the numerous exhibits from the AMAG Oldtimer and Youngtimer collection.  Depending on whether you book catering, your aperitif can take place before or after the official tour. Just let us know how you would prefer it.

5. farewell
The farewell takes place in the AMAG Oldtimer Schaulager. The transfer to the car park on the AMAG Schinznach-Bad site is individual and the responsibility of the participants.

Meetings and seminars in combination with a guided tour

AMAG Group organisations or partners of the AMAG Group (dealers and service partners) have the option of booking meetings for up to 20 people in combination with a guided tour of the AMAG Oldtimer Schaulager. A daily flat rate of CHF 360 will be charged to the booking organisation for the use of the meeting room including projector, flipchart, drinks and guided tour of the showroom. The meeting room is located on the premises of AMAG Schinznach-Bad.

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